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The key to a successful business or organisation is strong leadership and a united team, all on the same page for the betterment of all. Coaching Lane are proud to offer a series of workshops, programmes, experiences and retreats, all focused on helping you improve your approach to your team and to your business. If the team is newly-formed and wanting to hit the ground running, emerging from difficult times (such as restructures or mergers), or is fractured and disorganised, you may consider taking impactful action. What are you looking to achieve? What needs improving? You may not know exactly but, with the help of our tailored events, you'll soon find the answers you're looking for. We take a systemic approach with each of our events, tailoring everything specifically to the needs of your organisation. Take a look below for some examples of what we can do. What can we help you change?





Each of our programmes are available virtually, in-person or as a hybrid between the two. We know that every organisation is different and so our programmes are built around what you need, and how you need it – not around what's easier for us. Programmes include:

Leader As Coach

Accelerating You

Constellation-based Work

Good Point: Well Made

Managing Time

Making Meetings Matter

Personal Resilience

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Experiences & Retreats

What unites a team better than shared experience? Coaching Lane is able to offer a series of experiences and retreats, either for your management team or for your team at large, to see you bond and develop together. These experiences all take place in-person and are available coastally or in the country, at stunning locations up and down the UK. They are all designed around what you're looking to focus on, as a business and as a team. We construct them over a number of days so we can take the time, together, to get to grips with the problem and address it in a dedicated space. Whether you need a bit of a reset, want to inspire a certain ethos in your team or are looking to really live your leadership, a retreat may be the perfect place to start.


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