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More Than the Sum of Our Parts

We know the difficulty of navigating the leadership landscape and we know that every team is so much more than the sum of its parts. You might have a certain issue that you're looking to address – you might not even know what that issue is yet. Wherever you are as a business and as a team, Coaching Lane can bring a different approach. We bring a holistic, systemic approach to the pursuit of change, with a deep focus on internal culture. We focus both on the team as a whole and on the individuals that make it up – we'll tackle the difficult questions and equip you with the skills and the confidence to do the same. It might get a little messy but that, we're sure you'll agree, is where the magic happens!








Sarah Lane

The Team Leader

When you work with Coaching Lane, there's no doubt you'll meet Sarah. With decades of experience in the corporate sphere, she's seen the highs and lows of countless organisations. What she noticed was that bad practices and behaviours tend to repeat themselves, leading to less contented, less fulfilled and less productive staff. Combining her cross-industry experience with neuroscience training, ICF accreditation and various studies in the humanistic psychology movement, Sarah has developed an inherent understanding of people and the way they work. So, she built Coaching Lane; if you're looking to address issues of culture and leadership or to establish healthier team dynamics, there's no better place to start than with Sarah!







Our Approach

We take a hybrid approach to our work, with every event, programme and retreat designed to fulfil a certain purpose and address your needs as a business. This means that we can work face-to-face, virtually or in a combination of the two, addressing your needs in a way that works for you.

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What Needs to Change?

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