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At Coaching Lane, we want to see individuals, especially leaders, managers and those in positions of authority step up, step out of their comfort zones and become the inspirational leaders they may not even know they can be. As we grow and develop into our roles at work, we can take pride in what we've achieved, and there's always room for us to grow!

With a wealth of experience in the corporate sphere, as well as with several international charities you'll find that our team can relate more to your issues than you might think. Our holistic approach takes more than just your work practices into account, too – we'll also look at your personality, personal life, and the impact of work on the wider world. We'll examine the intersection of your “work self” and “home self,” and the ripple effect between the two - sustainable and regenerative change only happens when you take a systemic approach. Considering all this, we'll come up with a plan to realise your potential and that of your team, enabling you to make more of yourselves as a unit, impacting your organisation (and often society at large) in a positive way.

Change happens little by little, step by step. The first is noticing that something needs to change. Whether that be to build on your existing success, fix a problem or release latent potential, we'll design a bespoke solution together.