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Culture Change

The culture of any organisation, put simply, is how it “feels.” It has sway over so much more than how people get along in the office. A business' culture informs how people approach problems. It informs how we mediate disagreements and celebrate success. It informs every part of what we do together as a team. If your culture is stuck in the past, wonky or rotten, this affects every element of your business. Fortunately, little changes can make a huge difference.

Coaching Lane brings a systemic approach to cultural change, working our way through the constellation of different data points that makes up your organisation. Pragmatically, we'll work through the issues you're facing in your business' culture. Most importantly, we'll help you identify blind spots you don't yet know about and create a plan to bring about the change you want to see. This is change that rewrites the rulebook on how we treat each other at work, encourages collaboration and promotes the openness that any business needs in order to thrive. Most importantly, it'll be change that lasts.