Choices: From Confusion To Clarity book cover


Choices: From Confusion To Clarity

Choices - you make them every day and every single one has a ripple effect on the direction in which your life is going. 

Whether it's to have that bacon sandwich for breakfast rather than the healthy muesli, or which career path to follow, each choice impacts on the life you lead. 

This book is full of stories and tools that are inspiring, practical, real, fun and useful for you to make better choices in your life. If you love dipping in and out, returning for more depending on what you fancy or need, then this book is right up your street.

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A practical, easy to read and insightful book for anyone who has life choices to make. It challenges your hard wired thought process and helps take you on a journey to a new level. - Claire Blissitt, Commercial Development Director, Kantar Worldpanel

 After reading Choices, I didn't see things through a new pair of eyes, I just stopped covering the perfectly good pair I had with rose coloured specs or a blindfold! - Karen Paull, Practice Manager, Book-keeper and mum of teenage girls

 As a coach Sarah has a unique blend of subject passion, skill and intellect. This book allows Sarah to introduce her unique approach to a wider audience. - Steve Thompson-Martyn, Director CDL Consulting and rugby wizard

Choices provides a plethora of ideas to help us make the best ones. It's jam-packed with practical tools, which you can't fail to find helpful. Sarah has a wonderful way of weaving in stories to make you yearn to turn the page. - Martyn Dicker, Director of HR & OD, Fairtrade Foundation and fun-loving dad to baby Thilini

Sarah's wonderfully easy, articulate style and illustrative anecdotes make Choices a great read and I found the practical exercises the most beneficial out of everything. - Nikki Lloyd, Writer and fab mum of two

This is an excellent book for anyone in transition. It's refreshing, light, balanced, well researched, manageable to read, full of 'light bulb' moments, encouraging and full of possibility. - Kathryn Wakefield, HR consultant, RSA Group and world traveller

This is one for the bookshelf that will be well-thumbed, dog-eared and recommended to all you know. - Kathryn Wakefield, HR Consultant, RSA Group