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Team Dynamics

The “team dynamic” is more than just the group of people who you work with day by day. It's who they are and how they like to operate. It's their preferences, the little moments shared between meetings. It's the way that they work together, the energies they bring, the hidden entanglements and loyalties – for the good of the company and for each other.

This is a somewhat idealised take on team dynamics, of course. With differences in temperament, personality and leadership styles, there are bound to be clashes. What is, ostensibly, a normal and innocuous email from one person may be taken in an entirely different way by the recipient. There are always hidden dynamics at play that aren't obvious.

What Coaching Lane brings to this equation is understanding. With a wealth of experience to draw from, across most industries, we can help create an understanding of the differences in culture, experience and personality that are at play in the workplace. We'll develop individual self-awareness and an understanding of the hidden dynamics that many might not have considered, all in pursuit of a more inclusive, supportive working environment and a stronger, more capable team to boot.