The Babington Experience

Take a trip to this stunning Georgian house, where you can absorb the surroundings of the Somerset countryside and dive deep into the area of choice for your organisation. This could involve the aforementioned programmes, or something completely different, such as Inclusive Leadership or Psychological Safety in the workplace. Whatever we cover, we're sure you'll find that something as simple as a change of scenery, along with real conversations, can bring about real, palpable change in the way you approach leadership in your organisation, too.

The setting itself is one in tune with nature. Here, you'll connect, ground and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world. As you do so, we'll begin a process of embodiment – developing self-awareness, self-regulation and self-acceptance – inspiring a state of mindfulness, from which you can step back into work with confidence. Nestled beside the grandeur of the main house is the homely comfort of Babington Farmhouse. Here, we'll gather round the fire pit, bond and see your team truly unite as you bond and evolve.