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The core of any business or organisation's success is its culture and the people that embody it in the day-to-day. With meetings, targets and, of course, the bottom line to consider, it can be easy to let that culture get away from you. Before you know it, the classic “high-performance” culture takes hold, where productivity and productivity alone is paramount. This can create an environment that isn't psychologically safe. There's no trust, a lack of accountability and no genuine commitment – never mind the presence of real personality and authenticity! From there, it can be hard to break out. That's where Coaching Lane comes in. The team, led by Sarah Lane, have extensive cross-industry experience, at senior level. Now, we bring that skill and understanding to your organisation, with coaching that tackles the difficult questions and kindles real change.

What We Offer

Our focus is on professional personal development for individuals, teams and organisations, especially where they intertwine and need to align. We're able to take a variety of approaches, all of which are tailored bespoke to you and your organisation.

What We Do







Why Choose Coaching Lane?

Been There & Done It

Our team is backed by extensive, diverse experience in the world of business. From HR, to finance, to management, we bring a truly grounded understanding of the way that various industries work; from manufacturing to media, retail to financial services and charities to tech giants – we've lived and breathed it ourselves for decades. Now, we'll help you do the same.

A Systemic Approach

If there's one thing we've learnt, it's that the problem is rarely actually the problem. There's always something deeper. We look beyond the surface, with our systemic approach taking into account every aspect of your business – the people, family life, organisational set-up and the marketplace in general.

Messy & Magic

Development, whether of a team or of an organisation, is never straightforward. We've been through it and so we understand that, to bring about real change, you have to get a little messy sometimes. We bring the courage to have those difficult conversations and see the magic that results.




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What You've Said


I have worked with Sarah in a number of roles and organisations, and she is nothing short of excellent. Importantly for me she takes the time to understand my organisation, where we are headed and our strategy for getting there, and then expertly shapes a learning programme that is not just lip service to “training” but truly enables people to develop themselves and the business. Her ability to work with teams across the business gives a continuity to development that is so hard to achieve. I'm looking forward to working with Sarah for many years to come.

Isabel – Chief People Officer




Sarah is hugely adaptable and versatile and can flex to different stakeholder needs, which makes an incredible difference at both an individual and organisational level. What I value the most is the impartial and honest advice, direction, and pragmatic style that Sarah provides, which is grounded from her diverse experience of clients from all sectors.

Jon S – Director of Culture and Organisational Development